Decision Making

O my God! Thou seest me detached from everything save Thee and clinging to Thee. Guide me then in my doings in a manner which profiteth me for the glory of Thy Cause and the loftiness of the state of Thy servants.

This prayer was revealed by the Blessed Beauty for Jináb-i-Samandar [Shaykh Kázim Samandar], the father of the Hand of the Cause of God Tarázu'lláh Samandarí, to assist him in making a difficult decision. The prayer was to be recited nineteen times, followed by meditation on the problem, the formulation of a solution, and the implementation of the conceived solution.

Universal House of Justice, Aspects of Bahá’í Teachings, 6 August 1997

Your email letter of 17 August 2012, addressed to the Universal House of Justice, enquiring about a prayer revealed by Bahá’u’lláh for Jináb-i-Samandar to assist him in making a difficult decision, has been received at the Bahá’í World Centre and passed to our Office for reply. The prayer is in Arabic, was transcribed by ‘Andalíb, and has been published in Majmú‘iyi-Alvá-i-Mubárakiy-i-arat-i-Bahá’u’lláh (Tihrán: Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 132 B.E.), page 9.  It is also available through the Bahá’í Reference Library at and

The following is the authorized English translation of the prayer:

Sín Mím [Samandar], upon him rest My glory, hath ever been the recipient of divine favours, and there hath befallen him in the path of God that which His knowledge alone can encompass.

In regard to his affairs, let him repeat nineteen times:

“Thou seest me, O my God, detached from all save Thee and cleaving unto Thee. Guide me, then, in all mine affairs unto that which profiteth me for the glory of Thy Cause and the loftiness of the station of thy loved ones.”

Let him then reflect upon the matter and undertake whatever cometh to mind. This vehement opposition of the enemies will indeed give way to supreme prosperity. 

Universal House of Justice to an individual